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What is the lethal dose of marijuana? (news – undated)

Two hundred and thirteen cases of marijuana toxicoses in dogs. (abst – 2002)

The good and the bad effects of (−;) trans-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) on humans (abst – 2004)

Adverse effects of medical cannabinoids: a systematic review (full – 2008)

Merck Manual - Marijuana (Cannabis) (excerpt – 2008)

How Safe Are Medical Cannabinoids? (news – 2008)

Medical use of cannabinoids does not cause an increase in serious adverse health effects (news - 2008)

Report: Marijuana Less Harmful than Alcohol or Tobacco (news – 2008)

Medicines derived from cannabis: A review of adverse events (news – 2008)

Claims Linking Health Problems And The Strength Of Cannabis May Be Exaggerated (news – 2008)

Alcohol and cannabis use as risk factors for injury - a case-crossover analysis in a Swiss hospital emergency department (full – 2009)

Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs (Jan. 1, 1997 to June 30, 2005) (report - 2009)

Harms associated with psychoactive substances: findings of the UKNational Drug Survey (abst – 2009)

Health Risks of Marijuana Still Not Nailed Down (news – 2009)

Cannabis, Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Canada (news – 2009)

Four percent of adults worldwide using cannabis (news – 2009)

Tobacco-Related Health Costs: $800; Booze-Related Health Costs: $165; Pot-Related Health Costs: $20 – Any Questions? (news – 2009)

Marijuana-Related Health Costs Minimal Compared To Those Of Alcohol, Tobacco (news - 2009)

The FDA has written documentation that patients can overdose on Marinol and that it can be lethal (news – 2009)

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